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HOW ITS MADE?  Our Cases are each Hand Made, Our Cases have Glass Fronts!  If you are looking for Quality and Craftsmanship you want "Casemasters" .  Every "Casemasters" Flag Case is "Grain Matched"

1. What is Grain Matching?

It all starts with picking the highest quality wood. We start with 6/4  Select Grade, Kiln Dried Mahogany. (that's the highest grade wood available) That's a full 1&1/2" inches thick.  Then we surface it down to 1 & 1/4" inches thick and straight line one edge.           




3. Sequenced Pieces 

The next step is to finish sand the case. Then we stain it using our proprietary deep penetrating Transparent oil based stain. (we mix this stain ourselves) This stain penetrates deep into the wood to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain. It is a transparent stain so it does not cover up the grain of the wood, it brings it out. This is the reason our cases have such a deep luster to them that grows deeper with time as the case ages.

2. Surfaced and straight lined Mahogany 

Then we rip the wood to the width needed for each particular case. Then we plane, route & rabbit the edges as needed. Then we cut the pieces to length and miter the ends. We keep the same piece of wood in sequence for each case so the grain of the wood matches all the way around the case. This is Grain Matching. Finally we assemble the case.

4. Stained Case 

Then we move on to the finishing process. We start by spraying 4 coats of Catalyzed Lacquer Sanding Sealer, sanding in between each coat. Then we spray 4 more coats of high gloss  Catalyzed Lacquer Top Coat for a total of 8 coats. This Catalyzed Lacquer creates the hardest  finish available. This 8 coat lacquering process "sets off" the stain in the wood and brings out a depth and clarity that is simply stunning. This is why our cases are unrivaled in Quality and Beauty!

5. Finished Case

All "Casemasters" Products are made using these exacting standards.

Thank You for checking out How its Made!